One Heart Song
One Heart Song

One Heart song

Dana Lee is a professional accountant with over 25 years experience as a Controller for non-profit and for-profit enterprises. Her heart song is writing and helping others experience less suffering through the gentle practice of yoga. Dana has a gift for bringing flow to hopeless situations. People mean more to her than numbers, but numbers are a part of her tool basket. Having lost 120 pounds after 15 years of obesity, Dana understands what it’s like to struggle with self judgement and acceptance. Much of Dana’s writing is in handwritten journals derived from her daily practice of journaling since early childhood. These treasure troves of stories are slowly being brought to life. She is writing a collection of stories which are based on her life growing up in the Baptist fundamentalist Texas/Oklahoma panhandle, her life as an unknowing “beard” while working for Catholic Schools in the Central Valley of California, her years pursuing yoga studies all over the United States with master teachers of various stripes and writing for San Francisco Yoga Magazine.

Dana is available for ghost writing your dyslexic brilliance into being, unraveling your accounting and human resources dilemas into something that serves mission, or providing down to earth, inspirational and personalized yoga instruction in a non-competitive gentle and heart-centered healing manner for everyone. She believes that yoga should feel good and be open to everyone at all arcs of life. She has certifications in Hatha Yoga and Chair Yoga. She is poised to inspire in any office environment, beginners, larger bodied, disabled persons and those recovering from surgery or needing a fresh way to optimally engage in a movement and meditation practice. She also has specialized training in Pelvic Floor Yoga to treat symptoms of male and female incontinence, pelvic floor pain and sexual dysfunction. She uses gentle yoga, pranayama and meditation techniques to help her students grow their own daily yoga and meditation practice that is sustainable and supportive to each unique individual.

Welcome to One Heart Song!

Welcome to One Heart Song .

Welcome to One Heart Song.